A Thinking Man's Theater

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"This was life-altering. Forget everything you know about 'magic shows.'"


—— John D.

"If universities were like this, I'm sure that everyone would have a Ph.D."


—— Richard L. 

"I'm awestruck. I'm dizzy. We would have gladly paid double for this show."


—— Cynthia L.

"This show was phenomenal. I was entertained, and I learned a lot as well."

— Sarah B.

Wonder 101: A Thinking Man's Theater is an evening of magic, music, and meaning for philosophically-minded adults. 

This is not a traditional magic show; it is a hopeful message with a magical and musical twist.

Jintri caters to patrons who feel starved for intelligent entertainment. As he puts it, "You don't need to be a genius to enjoy what I do. You just need curiosity — so let's all stand up against the rising tide of dumbing-down."

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Nikolas Jintri is an illusionist, mentalist, and musician who believes that the good life begins with asking big questions.

The minor mysteries he shares are an invitation into the genuine miracle of your own heart and mind.  For Jintri, magic has the power to remind us of our inheritance as free beings. 

A returned Peace Corps volunteer (Ghana '04-'06) with a background in philosophy, Jintri is a lifelong wisdom-seeker who has taught  rhetoric and critical thinking at Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Temple University.







The Intellectual's Illusionist





Wonder 101:

A Thinking Man's Theater

An Evening of Magic, Music, and Meaning

For the Head and the Heart